Me in a nutshell!

Where do I begin? For starters and most importantly, I am a Momma to the four most amazing humans. I'm an Aries thru and thru, I love my crystals and you'll often hear me speaking of what I'm manifesting at that moment. I love to read, garden, spend time with my family AND photograph you beautiful women, men and couples. I love to celebrate you with you! I have been in photography for almost ten years. I've done the occasional weddings, events, sports, live births, seniors and families. I had just never found my "niche" if you will. In 2019, a friend asked me to do some boudoir photos for her. I had never done boudoir but, was so excited for the opportunity. I was sitting at work one day thinking about that session and the wheels started spinning. I began researching everything I could, joined some groups and in January of 2021 I began my journey in boudoir and I can honestly say it has changed my life and who I am in such a positive way. I am beyond passionate about what I get the privilege of waking up and doing every day. I hope that each and every one of you that visits this page eventually books a session for yourself. Whether it's with me or not, this experience is something everyone should do at least once.